A Letter from Woody

On behalf of Kirkland’s Board of Directors, our management team, and our many employees, I am pleased to begin the rollout of our various sustainability, social and governance policies. Without question, 2020 was one of the most challenging years in our company’s history; however, thanks to the hard work of our team, 2020 was also very successful. The unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic provided us with a new-found appreciation for our homes. One of our goals at Kirkland’s has always been to help our customer “Bring Happiness Home.” During the pandemic, our homes have served not only as places of connection with our loved ones but also as places of safety and security. We at Kirkland’s continue to stand ready to help you reimagine and re-engineer the different things that “home” can mean during these unsettled and changing times.

As we move through these uncertain times, I believe that Kirkland’s has an important role to play in driving positive change both in our company and in our communities. During the periods of social unrest over the past year, we at Kirkland’s have been listening and having candid conversations about our role in addressing racism and discrimination. While our company has an excellent track record on fair employment practices, we know there is more work for us to do on these important topics that directly affect diversity. The adoption of these first ESG policies is a start, and they reinforce our fundamental belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to work in an inclusive environment and to be treated with both dignity and respect.

Please come back to this site over the next year as we publish our ESG Report and update on our progress on these initiatives. Racism is real, and it is unacceptable. Join us as we advocate for inclusive policies at the local, state and federal level and as we actively lobby against discriminatory legislation. I think you will see that Kirkland’s is not only a good steward of our shareholders’ capital, but we are also focused on improving the communities where we operate. Thank you for your continued confidence in Kirkland’s, and I can assure you that we will continue to partner with all of our stakeholders to build a better, more sustainable future.
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